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Make sure you have your alarmed serviced, a serviced alarm is less likely to fail when you need it most.

Get your alarm serviced Every Year.

Wireless Alarms replace batteries every two years. (Guide)

Panel back up batteries replace every 5 years.(Guide)

Note:- Alarm engineers carry battery testers and are able to test your back up battery to determine if it needs replacing.

Many systems I service there is nothing left in the battery, customers usually find out during a power cut that the external bell goes off as soon as the powers cut as back up battery is not keeping the panel ticking over.

Use your alarm, keep your user code private, on more sophisticated alarms you can have alarm codes for everyone that uses the alarm, that makes it easier to know who is coming and going.

If you give someone temporary access to your house (they unset/ set the alarm), builders, Estate agents, cleaners and you only have one code, change it temporary once they have finished change it back, this way no one knows the real code for the alarm. 

If you have mutlicodes, you can activate and deactivate them as required making sure that these strangers don't have access to your alarm system.

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