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Secure I AM are aware that Vodafone are to disconnect there TAP service on 31st March 2018.

Those on this service should look to other solutions or you may not be notified of your alarm being activated after the end of March 2018.

Am I affected?

If you use a GSM module you will not be affected.
If you use an app like Texecom Connect, Risco app  or similar you will not be affected.

If you receive an SMS message from your alarm system, and the call is itemised on your phone bill then you will almost certainly be affected.

Orisec alarm users may not be affected as they use the BT protocol, if your  phone service is not provided by BT and you are notified by SMS which is itemised on your phone bill you may be affected.

If in doubt please have your alarm system/ dialler checked by a local alarm engineer.

Alternative TAP service provider listed below.

This currently is the only service we are aware of that will be operating after 31st March 2018.

please be aware this is not a service recommendation, just a service provider details.

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What are my options?

Use open tap, subscribe to Open tap and use there telephone number.

Do I need new equipment?

No, to use open tap, you will need to register and update your systems dialler.

What if Open Tap service stops?

There is a strong possibility that there service may get extremely busy as a result of Vodafone terminating their service. As Secure I AM do not operate this service it is not possible for us to comment if the service will function or be terminated.

If open tap service does stop, voice messages will remain unaffected. However SMS services will terminate.

Options will be for SMS message via a GSM module, there are many different options available, please contact your security system installer for options.

Secure I AM can offer a simple GSM solution to more advanced solutions like the Pyronix V2 GSM dialler and other manufacturer solutions dependant up the alarm system and version you have.

How much will new equipment cost?

It will depend on your alarm panel, signal strength and functionality required. Basic GSM SMS system for a single trigger can be supplied and fitted for under £80.

Panel specific options like the Premier Elite COM GSM can be supplied, fitted and programed for around £200.

For your specific solution contact Secure I AM today.

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