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Normally Zone 1 the entry door is set Chime 
when the door is opened but the system unset, may have heard it in the local shop.

To turn this ON or OFF press Chime (musical note on keypad).

To set which Zones Chime and which do not, The Engineer or alarm installer can change the Chime suite.

However user also have the facility to change the Chime suite.

Requires Entering user code first, default user code is 4321 on Veritas range.
Note: you  are pressing Chime after the user code, not Prog or 00.

Press 4321 Chime 12345678 Prog (all zones have had there chime status changed)

It is unlikely that you will set all the zones to chime, the numbers illuminated or showing on the keypad are the zones set to chime.

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