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Many alarm companies get this call and ideally will want some basic information from you to try and identify the possible cause.

What isn't working?
The symptoms will help identify what the possible cause might be.

When did it stop working? 

Did it stop after a power cut, nailing something in a wall, pulling a cable or knocking the panel or keypad with an object like a sofa. Trying to add/remove something to the alarm system.

This will help narrow down what needs to be looked for. Honesty is the best policy, nothing worse than someone hiding facts and wasting time you might be paying for.

When was it last serviced?
Many people don't have there alarms serviced every year and at around £50 to have it serviced (MOT), its peace of mind for the next 12 months.

Often systems not serviced for over 5 years the back up batteries fail, this can cause some strange issues and especially the entry level systems. Entry level systems do not have the same warning systems and protections in place for batteries.

What make/ model do you have?
There are many different systems (just look at the user manuals we have on this forum alone) and some are no longer being manufactured.

However sometimes an installer may have secondhand parts obtained when a system was upgraded making it possible to replace old equipment.

Knowing what you have makes things easier for the installer to help you, so that they can bring the right equipment to the job and not have to do a second visit.

There are thousands of different alarm panels in circulation it is not possible for every alarm installer to carry spare parts for every system. Wholesalers in the industry are often only open Monday to Friday.

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