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Premier Elite 12W :- Obsolete
Premier Elite 24: - Poly
Premier Elite 24:- Metal
Premier Elite 24W:- Obsolete
Premier Elite 48:- Metal
Premier Elite 48W:- Obsolete

Premier Elite 64W
Premier Elite 88:- Metal
Premier Elite 168:- Metal
Premier Elite 640:- Metal

Premier 24 is available in polycarbonate and metal cases.

All wireless panels except the 64W range have been discontinued.

Texecom confirm that the 48-W can be flashed to the 64-W.
Note the Ricochet expanders, stand  alone or integrated into the panel are not flash upgradeable.

This means anything on the original expander will still work, but you may not be able to add some of the newer technology like wireless keypads unless you add a new wireless expander.

It maybe more cost effective to look at replacing the panel than adding a 32 XP-W.

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