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Looking at the keypad or main control panel.

1. Does it have a number, name or logo?
2. Does it have distinctive styling like on the i-on keypads?
3. Does it have groups of keys like ABCD ?
5. Take a picture and post it on an alarm forum, this way many people can look at it and someone is more likely to know the model and may even have an old user guide for it.

This is currently locked topic, and will be editing this post with more examples from specific manufacturers.

Numbers, names and logo's  help identify Model and or Manufacturer.

Here is the model 9448+Style from Scantronic, the 9 is a classic way to identify the product as a Scantronic, but in this case we also have the coloured logo. Unfortunately they do other panels that don't start with a 9 or have there logos on.


These are the i-ion range of keypads, again from Scantronic, but no logo or number on the front. User guides available on this forum for many scantronic panels.
ion.png You do find that many of there keypads have ABCD either horizontal below the lcd screen or verticalon the left handside of he keypad.

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